Creating a Custom Fill Pattern

  1. Click Manage tabSettings panelAdditional Settings drop-down Fill Patterns.
  2. In the Fill Patterns dialog, under Pattern Type, select Drafting or Model.
  3. Click New.
  4. If you are creating a drafting fill pattern, select how to orient the fill pattern in the host layers. See Fill Pattern Host Orientation for details.
  5. In the New Pattern dialog, select Custom.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Select the desired pattern file (PAT), and click Open.

    See Custom Pattern Files for information on creating a custom pattern (PAT) file.

    Note: Default fill patterns are stored in the revit.pat and revit metric.pat files in the following location: %ProgramFiles%\Autodesk\Revit LT 2014\Data. The revit metric.pat file contains various metric masonry and iso patterns.
  8. Click the menu next to Import to view the list of available patterns. Select a pattern from the list.
  9. If desired, enter a new name for Name.
  10. If desired, enter a value for Import scale.
  11. Click OK twice.