Accessing the Create Form Tool

The Create Form tool is available in the mass family template (Mass.rft), the curtain panel pattern based family template (Curtain Panel Pattern Based.rft), and through the In-Place Mass tool in a project. See Creating an In-Place Mass. The access to the Create Form tool varies depending on whether the conceptual design environment is accessed through the family mass template (RFT) or a project file (RVT).

To access Create Form from a project file (RVT)

  1. On the ribbon, click Massing & Site tabConceptual Mass panel In-Place Mass.
  2. Name the in-place mass in the Name dialog. The conceptual design environment tools become available.
  3. Create a form. See Creating Solid Forms.
  4. Click Modify | Form Element tabIn-Place Editor panel Finish Mass.

To access Create Form from a mass family template (RFT)

  1. Click Create tabDraw panel, and click one of the drawing tools to sketch any type of line.
    Note: You can also create a line by points. See Reference Points.
  2. Draw the line and select it.
  3. The Create Form tool becomes available on Modify | Form Element tabForm panel. See Creating Solid Forms.