Managed .NET Developer's Guide (.NET)

The Managed .NET Developer's guide provides you with an overview of the main topics and workflows for using the AutoCAD Managed .NET API.



Developer's Guide Organization

Overview of the AutoCAD .NET API

Components of the AutoCAD .NET API

Overview of Microsoft Visual Studio

Sample Code

Transition from ActiveX Automation to .NET

More Information

Getting Started with Microsoft Visual Studio

Understand Microsoft Visual Studio Projects

Define the Components in a Project

View Project Information

Work with Microsoft Visual Studio Projects

Edit an Existing Project or Solution

Load an Assembly

Access and Search Referenced Libraries with the Object Browser

Exercises: Create Your First Project

Develop Applications with VB.NET and C#

Handle Errors

Distribute Your Application


Related AutoCAD Commands and Terminology

VBA to VB.NET and C# Comparison


Using the AutoCAD Managed .NET API

Understand the AutoCAD Object Hierarchy

Access the Object Hierarchy

Collection Objects

Understand Properties and Methods

Out-of-Process versus In-Process

Define Commands and AutoLISP Functions

Controlling the AutoCAD Environment

Control the Application Window

Control the Drawing Windows

Create, Open, Save, and Close Drawings

Lock and Unlock a Document

Set AutoCAD Preferences

Set and Return System Variables

Draw with Precision

Prompt for User Input

Access the AutoCAD Command Line

Creating and Editing Entities

Open and Close Objects

Create Objects

Work with Selection Sets

Edit Named and 2D Objects

Use Layers, Colors, and Linetypes

Save and Restore Layer States

Add Text to Drawings

Adding Dimensions and Tolerances

Dimensioning Concepts

Create Dimensions

Edit Dimensions

Work with Dimension Styles

Dimension in Model Space and Paper Space

Create Leaders and Annotation

Use Geometric Tolerances


Working in Three-Dimensional Space

Specify 3D Coordinates

Define a User Coordinate System

Convert Coordinates

Create 3D Objects

Edit in 3D

Edit 3D Solids

Drawing and Organizational Techniques

Work with Raster Images

Use Blocks and Attributes

Use External References

Assign and Retrieve Extended Data

Defining Layouts and Plotting/Publishing

Understand the Relationship Between Layouts and Blocks

Work with Layouts

Change Layout Settings

Understand Model Space and Paper Space

Change Viewport Views and Content

Create Paper Space Viewports

Plot Settings and Page Setups

Plot Your Drawing

Publish Layouts

Registering Events

Understand AutoCAD Events

Guidelines for Event Handlers

Register and Unregister Events

Handle Application Events

Handle Document Events

Handle DocumentCollection Events

Handle Object Events

Register COM Based Events