Reviewing Warnings for Monitored Elements

After you establish relationships between elements using the Copy/Monitor tool, you can perform a coordination review to view and address any warnings generated by changes to those elements.

  1. Click Collaborate tabCoordinate panelCoordination Review drop-down, and then select one of the following options:
    • Use Current Project: To review warnings for elements that are monitored within the current project.
    • Select Link: To review warnings for elements that are monitored in a linked model. After clicking Select Link, select the linked model in the drawing area.

    The Coordination Review dialog displays a list of warnings for monitored elements. If you are reviewing warnings for a linked model, the Coordination Review dialog displays warnings for the current (host) project and the linked model on separate tabs.

    Note: To check for comments (such as proposed changes) from team members who work on the linked model, click the tab for that model.
  2. Expand items in the Message column until you can see values in the Action column.
  3. (Optional) To display or hide information about the elements related to each warning, click Elements.
  4. (Optional) To locate a changed element in the current project, select the warning in the Coordination Review dialog, and click Show.

    Revit highlights the element in the drawing area. If needed, Revit opens another view to display the element.

    If you want to see the changed element in a different view, you can double-click a view name in the Project Browser without exiting the Coordination Review dialog.

  5. For each item, specify the appropriate action.

    See Actions for Coordination Review.

  6. (Optional) Enter comments regarding an action:
    1. In the Comment column, click Add comment.
    2. Enter comments in the Edit Comment dialog.
    3. Click OK.

    Use comments to communicate with cross-functional team members. When other team members open or reload the linked model and perform a coordination review, they can see these comments for each changed element.

  7. (Optional) Export the coordination review to an HTML report.

    See Creating a Coordination Review Report.