Modifying Instance Properties

Use the Properties palette to modify the instance properties of

To modify instance properties of an element, select the element.

To modify instance properties of a view, right-click the view name in the Project Browser, and select Properties.

For specific information about the instance properties of a particular element, see the Help topic for that element type, for example, Wall Instance Properties.

To save changes to properties

If making multiple changes, you can press Tab to move from one property to the next, or just click the next one you want to change. You can then use any of the methods listed above to commit all your changes at once.

To cancel changes before committing them, press Esc twice. Closing the palette also cancels your changes.

Note: If you are using an on-screen keyboard, you can disable the ability to commit changes to the Properties palette by moving the cursor off the palette. To disable this ability, in the Revit.ini file, in the [UserInterface] section, set DisableMppAutoApply equal to 1.