About Application Manager

Autodesk ® Application Manager is a cloud-centric software delivery solution that includes a desktop client component that is packaged and installs with all Microsoft Windows ® -based Autodesk 2015 products or suites. The solution replaces previous product update components, specifically LiveUpdate, portions of InfoCenter/Communications Center, and CAD Manager Control Utility (note that these will remain in production to support previous version products).

Application Manager actively keeps you informed of important product updates, by sending alerts to your desktop about new Service Packs and other assets (such as Product Extensions for Subscription Customers) as they become available—eliminating the need to independently search for updates from other sources.

Welcome Tab

On this tab, click one of the controls in the left column or across the top to review available updates or other downloads for your products.

To customize and configure Application Manager, click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the window.