Import a Drafting View From Another CAD Program

You can import a view from another CAD program and use it as a Revit drafting view. Then you can reference the drafting view for a callout or section, and place it on sheets in the construction documentation set.

  1. Click View tabCreate panel (Drafting View).
  2. Enter a name and appropriate scale for the new drafting view.
  3. Click Insert tabImport panel (Import CAD).
  4. Select the detail and CAD format.
  5. Select the Current View Only option if you are in a detail view.
    Note: This is automatically selected if you are in a drafting view.
  6. Click Open to place the CAD detail.
  7. Drag and drop this view on a sheet, if desired.
  8. Reference to this view when placing a callout or section, if desired.

Architectural example of an imported drafting view

Structural example of an imported drafting view