Add Tags and Keynotes in a 3D View

You can lock a 3D view in order to tag elements and add keynotes in the view.

Video: Create a 3D Detail

Note: Because you cannot lock a default 3D view, you cannot add tags to a default 3D view. You can lock a perspective view, but you cannot place tags in a locked perspective view.
The following tag types are not allowed in a 3D view:

Tags and keynotes can only be placed in a 3D view that has been locked. A command on the View Control Bar controls the locking of 3D views. There are 3 options when locking/unlocking a 3D view:

Note: By default, the leader for tags in a 3D view is set to Free End on the Options Bar. This setting is preferred for elements that may require adjustments to 3D tags, such as walls.

To save an orientation and add tags and keynotes in a 3D view

  1. Open the 3D view in which you want to tag elements and set the orientation.
  2. On the View Control Bar, click Save Orientation and Lock View.
    Note: If the 3D view is a default orthographic view, usually named {3D}, you will be prompted to rename the view because you cannot lock a default 3D view.
  3. Add tags or keynotes to untagged elements as desired.
    Note: If you change the orientation and click Save Orientation and Lock View, a message warns that any previously placed tags and keynotes will be deleted. You can proceed or cancel the command to save the new orientation.