Import or Link CAD Files

Open a Revit project, and use the Import CAD or Link CAD tools to import or link vector data from other CAD programs.

  1. Click Insert tabImport panel (Import CAD), or click Insert tabLink panel (Link CAD).

    If you link the file instead of importing it, see About Importing vs. Linking for Xrefs.

  2. In the Import CAD Formats or Link CAD Formats dialog, navigate to the folder that contains the file to import or link.
    Tip: Make sure you import the geometric data needed for the Revit capability that you plan to use. For more information, see About Imported Geometry.
  3. Select the file.
  4. Specify the import or link options. See Import and Link Options.
  5. Click Open.
    Note: If you open a DGN file, the Select View dialog displays. Select a view to open. The view corresponds exactly to the MicroStation view and imports into Revit exactly as it appeared in MicroStation.
  6. If you chose to manually place the imported data, it displays in the drawing area and moves with the cursor. Click to place the imported data.

    You may need to zoom in to see the imported data. See About zooming project views.