Structural Floor Instance Properties

Modify instance properties to change a structural floor's level, height offset, slope, and more.

To change instance properties, select the element and change its properties on the Properties palette.

Note: The Curved Edge Condition property applies to Revit Architecture and Revit Structure only.
Name Description
Level The level to which the floor is constrained.
Height Offset from Level Specifies the elevation of the top of the floor relative to the Level parameter.
Room Bounding Indicates that the floor is a room-bounding element.
Related to Mass Indicates the element was created from a mass element. This is a read-only value.
Structural Indicates that the element has an analytical model.
Enable Analytical Model Displays the analytical model and includes it in analytical calculations. Selected by default. See Disable an Analytical Model.
Rebar Cover - Top Face The rebar cover distance from the floor top face.
Rebar Cover - Bottom Face The rebar cover distance from the floor bottom face.
Rebar Cover - Other Faces The rebar cover distance from the floor to adjacent element faces.
Estimated Reinforcement Volume Specifies the estimated reinforcement volume of the selected element. This is a read-only parameter that only displays when rebar has been placed.
Structural Floor Shape Edit
Curved Edge Condition Specifies the structural floor surface to either Conform to curve or Project to side. This parameter is only available to curved edge structural floors.
Slope Angle Changes the slope-defining lines to the specified value, without the need to edit the sketch. The parameter initially displays a value if there is a slope-defining line. If there is no slope-defining line, the parameter is blank and disabled.
Perimeter The perimeter of the floor. This is a read-only value.
Area The area of the floor. This is a read-only value.
Volume The volume of the floor. This is a read-only value.
Thickness The thickness of the floor.

This is a read-only value, unless a shape edit has been applied and its type contains a variable layer. When the value is writable it can be used to set a uniform thickness of the floor. The entry can be blank if the thickness varies.

Identity Data
Comments Specific comments related to the floor that are not already defined in the description or type comments.
Mark A user-specified label for the floor. Possible use: shop mark. This value must be unique for each element in a project. Revit warns you when the number value is already used but allows you to continue using it. You can see the warning using the Review Warnings tool. See Review Warning Messages.
Design Option If design options have been created, this property indicates the design option in which the element exists. For more information see Design Options.
Phase Created The phase when the floor was created. See Project Phasing.
Phase Demolished The phase when the floor was demolished. See Project Phasing.