Select a Panel or Transformer for the Power Circuit

  1. Click Modify | Electrical Circuits tabSystem Tools panel Select Panel.
  2. On the Options Bar, from the Panel drop-down, select a panel or transformer.
    Note: If the panel you selected does not have unassigned slots, you are prompted to replace a spare/space with this circuit.

    A home run is added to the logical circuit.

    Although the circuit is still valid, the dashed lines that show the temporary circuit are not displayed. See Create Permanent Wiring.

  3. Note: If you are a student or an Autodesk Maintenance or Desktop Subscription customer for Revit 2015 software releases, click Modify | Electrical Circuits tabSystem Tools panel and select a panel or transformer from the Panel drop-down list or click to use the Search box.

    Panels are listed in alphabetical order with the current panel listed at the top. The three most recently used panels for the selected distribution system are listed at the bottom. The most recently used list is filtered by connector classification, voltage, and poles.