Structural Column Family Parameters

Access structural column family parameters in the Family Category and Parameters dialog.

In the Family Editor, click Create tabProperties panel (Family Category and Parameters). Verify that Structural Columns is selected as the Family Category. The Family Parameters display at the bottom of the dialog.

Parameter Value
Structural Material Type Controls hidden view display of the structural column family.

See Physical Material Properties of Structural Elements.

Symbolic Representation Determines whether the Symbolic Representation of the structural column is defined by the family or the settings of the project in which its placed.

See Symbolic Representation Settings Tab.

Always export as geometry Ensures that the structural column family is exported as geometry at all times. This overrides the Export as Architectural Desktop and Building System Objects option in the Export Options dialog.

See Export Structural Members.

Beam cutback in plan Determines whether the symbolic representation of a beam is cutback from the column bounding box or the physical geometry of the column.

See About Beam to Column Joins and Cutback.

Display in hidden views Defines the structural column family rules for displaying edges in hidden views. See Show Hidden Lines by Element.
Shared Denotes the structural column family as a shared family. See Load Families with Shared Components into a Project.
Show family pre-cut in plan views Displays the structural column family in a plan view using the cut plane specified in the plan view of the family. See Specify Display Properties for a Structural Column Family in a Plan View.