A360 Cloud Rendering

Uses the A360 Cloud to render your scene.

A360 Rendering uses Cloud resources so you can continue working on your desktop while rendering proceeds.

You can find more detailed information about A360 rendering at http://www.autodesk.com/adsk360-rendering-help-about-enu. These help pages include some details about rendering 3ds Max scenes on the Cloud.

Cloud Credits group

Click to log in to the A360 Cloud. Once you are logged in, this panel shows your resources, estimated wait time, and links to the A360 interface.
Tip: You can also sign in to A360 by using the InfoCenter Sign In field (at the right of the 3ds Max window's caption bar).
Views to Render
Choose views to render. With 3ds Max, A360 renders only camera views. By clicking Render, you can launch a rendering of more than one camera view.

Renderer panel

Output Type
Choose the format to render. The options are
  • Still Images (The default.)
  • Interactive Panorama
  • Preview Solar Study
  • Solar Study
  • Illuminance
Note: A360 does not render animations. If your scene is animated, A360 renders only the current frame.
Render Quality
Choose the quality to render. The higher the quality, the longer the render time and the greater the cost.
Image Size
Choose a render size. The options are Custom (the default), or a standard size measured in megapixels.

The Width and Height fields show the size of the image, in pixels (default=640x480). You can edit these fields. The aspect ratio drop-down list lets you choose the aspect of the image (default=4:3).

  • Native Uses the local 3ds Max exposure control. This must be either the Physical Camera or "mental ray Photographic" exposure control: the other 3ds Max exposure controls are not compatible with A360.

    If you choose Native but the exposure control is not a compatible one, this setting reverts to Advanced.

  • Advanced (The default.) Uses the A360 Cloud interactive exposure control.
File Format
Choose the file format of the rendering: PNG, JPEG (the default), or TIFF.
Notify me by e-mail when complete
When on, A360 sends an email to signal that the rendering has completed. Default=off.
Open A360 Gallery when rendering submitted
When on, the A360 Gallery page opens when you submit your rendering. Default=on.
Test Scene Compatibility
Click to open a Render Message window that displays warnings about features of your scene that A360 rendering cannot render correctly.