Sculpt Guides Tool settings

Lets you shape and scale guides for spline primitives using a brush tool. Access the Sculpt Guides Tool from the XGen Shelf by clicking this ion: . Using the tool, drag across the guides to shape and pose them.

Brush Settings

Lock Length
Locks the length of the guide so that it maintains a constant length as you shape the guide. Turn off Lock Length to scale guides. Lock Length is on by default.
When sculpting guides belonging to the current Description only, leave this option set to Current Description Only. When sculpting guides that are shared between multiple Descriptions, select All Descriptions in Collection or All Collections to apply the edits to all instances of the guides.
Sets the radius of the tool. You can also press B + drag to adjust the brush size.
3D Volumetric Falloff
When on, guide selection is based on a 3D volume of a sphere that gets positioned about the center of the region of influence. Volumetric Falloff is on by default.

Selection Highlight Settings

When Selection Highlight is enabled, you can highlight the volume of guides and guide CVs affected by the brush before you begin sculpting. Click the swatch or use the slider control to change the highlight color.

Selected Volume Color
Allows you to change the color highlighting of the selected volume.
Selected Guide Color
Allows you to change the color highlighting of the selected guides.

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