Pause Viewport 2.0 and the Material Viewer in the Hypershade

You can pause updates in Viewport 2.0, in the Material Viewer, and in other editors such as the UV Editor. This allows you to make changes in your scene without having to wait for the editors to update. This can be especially useful when you have a complex scene.

Click in the Maya status line or in the Material Viewer toolbar to pause updates. Paused editors appear with a red border and the text Paused to indicate their paused state. If an image of the last cached render exists, the Material Viewer displays this image in lieu of the text Paused.

When you click in the Maya status line, all editors that use the Viewport 2.0 renderer are also paused. This includes: the Material Viewer (if it is set to use the hardware renderer), and the UV Editor. If the Render View is set to use the Hardware 2.0 renderer, the render is also stopped. Likewise, these editors are also paused if you click in the Material Viewer while it is set to use the hardware renderer.

Click again to lift the pause, and the scene is updated with all the changes made while paused. The contents of each affected panel are re-rendered and monitoring of scene updates resumes.

The hardware renderer and plug-in renderers (for example, mental ray renderer) are paused separately. Pausing Viewport 2.0 does not affect rendering with software renderers, including plug-in renderers (for example, mental ray). For example, you can still render using IPR in the Render View. When a plug-in renderer is chosen as the renderer in the Material Viewer, rendering can also be paused independently of Viewport 2.0.

A paused state is retained when you open a different scene, but the pause is lifted when you create a new scene.

If you have two renders occurring concurrently; for example, the Render View and the Material Viewer, starting an IPR render will suspend the Material Viewer. As soon as the IPR render is stopped, the Material Viewer is active again. However, you must manually trigger a re-render; for example, by changing an attribute value or the camera angle. This behavior is slightly different from clicking , where a re-render always occurs when pause is lifted.

To pause Viewport 2.0 upon startup, set the environment variable MAYA_VP2_PAUSE_ON_STARTUP to 1, or set the optionVar vp2PauseState to 1.

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