#ifndef _metadataPluginStrings_h_
#define _metadataPluginStrings_h_
#include <maya/MStringResource.h>
#include <maya/MStringResourceId.h>
// MStringResourceIds contain plug-in id, unique resource id for
// each string and the default value for the string.
#define kPluginId "adskmetadata"
#define kInvalidComponentType MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kInvalidComponentType", "Component type ^1s not one of the legal values ('edge', 'face', 'vertex', 'faceVertex')")
#define kFlagMandatory MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kFlagMandatory", "Missing mandatory flag ^1s.")
#define kOnlyCreateModeMsg MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kOnlyCreateModeMsg", "^1s flag can only be used in create mode.")
#define kInvalidFlag MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kInvalidFileFlag", "Value for flag ^1s is invalid.")
#define kFileIgnored MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kFileIgnored", "The ^1s flag is overridden by the ^2s flag. It will be ignored.")
#define kFileNotFound MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kFileNotFound", "File ^1s does not exist, import aborted.")
#define kFileOrStringNeeded MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kFileOrStringNeeded", "If no file is specified the ^1s flag must have a value.")
#define kInvalidStream MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kInvalidStream", "Stream name is not legal.")
#define kInvalidString MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kInvalidString", "String is not legal.")
#define kEditQueryFlagErrorMsg MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kEditQueryFlagErrorMsg", "Can't specify edit and query flags simultanously.")
#define kObjectNotFoundError MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kObjectNotFoundError", "Object ^1s not found")
#define kTypeUnspecified MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kTypeUnspecified", "(unspecified)")
#define kMetadataFormatNotFound MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kMetadataFormatNotFound", "Metadata format type '^1s' was not found")
#define kCreateMetadataCreateFailed MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kCreateMetadataCreateFailed", "Could not create new metadata.")
#define kCreateMetadataHasStream MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kCreateMetadataHasStream", "A stream named '^1s' already exists - skipping creation.")
#define kCreateMetadataStructureNotFound MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kCreateMetadataStructureNotFound", "Could not find structure '^1s'.")
#define kCreateMetadataNoStructureName MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kCreateMetadataNoStructureName", "The 'structureName' flag is mandatory.")
#define kCreateMetadataNoStreamName MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kCreateMetadataNoStreamName", "The 'streamName' flag is mandatory.")
#define kCreateMetadataNoChannelName MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kCreateMetadataNoChannelName", "The 'channelName' flag is mandatory.")
#define kImportMetadataStringReadFailed MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kImportMetadataStringReadFailed", "Metadata read from string arg failed with '^1s'")
#define kImportMetadataFileReadFailed MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kImportMetadataFileReadFailed", "Metadata read from file '^1s' failed with '^2s'")
#define kImportMetadataSetMetadataFailed MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kImportMetadataSetMetadataFailed", "Metadata could not be set on object '^1s'")
#define kImportMetadataUndoMissing MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kImportMetadataUndoMissing", "Undo information not present for importMetadata")
#define kImportMetadataResult MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kImportMetadataResult", "^1s/^2s/^3s")
#define kExportMetadataFailedFileWrite MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kExportMetadataFailedFileWrite", "Failed while exporting metadata to file")
#define kExportMetadataFailedStringWrite MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kExportMetadataFailedStringWrite", "Failed while exporting metadata to string")
#define kExportMetadataFormatType MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kExportMetadataFormatType", "Format type for ^1s : ^2s")
#define kExportMetadataUndoMissing MStringResourceId (kPluginId, "kExportMetadataUndoMissing", "Undo information not present for exportMetadata")
// Copyright (c) 2012 Autodesk, Inc.
// All rights reserved.
// These coded instructions, statements, and computer programs contain
// unpublished proprietary information written by Autodesk, Inc., and are
// protected by Federal copyright law. They may not be disclosed to third
// parties or copied or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without
// the prior written consent of Autodesk, Inc.
#endif // _metadataPluginStrings_h_