#ifndef associationsSerializerXML_h
#define associationsSerializerXML_h
#include <maya/adskDataAssociationsSerializer.h> // for base class
#include <libxml/tree.h> // for xmlNode
#include <maya/adskCommon.h>
namespace adsk {
namespace Data {
class Associations;
// ****************************************************************************
using namespace adsk::Data;
class AssociationsSerializerXML : public AssociationsSerializer
DeclareSerializerFormat(AssociationsSerializerXML, AssociationsSerializer);
virtual ~AssociationsSerializerXML();
// Mandatory implementation overrides
read (std::istream& cSrc,
std::string& errors) const;
virtual int write (const Associations& dataToWrite,
std::ostream& cDst,
std::string& errors) const;
virtual void getFormatDescription(std::ostream& info) const;
// Partial interface to allow passing off parsing of a subsection of a
// metadata DOM to the Stream subsection
adsk::Data::Associations* parseDOM (xmlDocPtr doc,
xmlNode& streamNode,
unsigned int& errorCount,
std::string& errors ) const;
// ==================================================================
// Copyright 2015 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.
// This computer source code and related instructions and comments are
// the unpublished confidential and proprietary information of Autodesk,
// Inc. and are protected under applicable copyright and trade secret
// law. They may not be disclosed to, copied or used by any third party
// without the prior written consent of Autodesk, Inc.
// ==================================================================
#endif // associationsSerializerXML_h