// File Name: atomNodeNameReplacer.h
// The atomeNodeNameReplacer is a class that returns a new node name based upon how we are replacing it ,either by string replacment
// or by finding it in a map file.
#ifndef _atomNodeNameReplacer
#define _atomNodeNameReplacer
#include <vector>
#include <maya/MString.h>
#include <maya/MFStream.h>
#include <maya/MStringArray.h>
#include <maya/MSelectionList.h>
//base class for reader text files
class streamIO
virtual ~streamIO(){};
double asDouble(ifstream &);
char * asString(ifstream &);
char * asWord(ifstream &, bool = false);
char asChar(ifstream &);
int asInt(ifstream &);
short asShort(ifstream &);
bool isNextNumeric(ifstream &);
void advance(ifstream &);
bool doesFileExist(const MString &fName);
// Class to modify the string of a node based upon either strings or some specified map file
class atomNodeNameReplacer : public streamIO
enum NodeType {eDag = 0, eShape, eDepend, eAnimLayer};
enum ReplaceType {eHierarchy = 0, eSearchReplace, eMapFile};
atomNodeNameReplacer(ReplaceType type, MSelectionList &list,std::vector<unsigned int> &depths, MString &prefix, MString &suffix,
MString &search, MString &replace, MString &mapFile);
virtual ~atomNodeNameReplacer(){};
//return node in the scene that matches it.
bool findNode(atomNodeNameReplacer::NodeType nodeType, MString &nodeName, unsigned int depth, unsigned int childCount);
void setAddMainPlaceholderNamespace(bool);
void turnOffHierarchy() {if(fReplaceType == eHierarchy) fReplaceType = eSearchReplace;};
MSelectionList fSelectionList; //this is the original list of objects
std::vector<unsigned int> fDepths;
ReplaceType fReplaceType;
bool fAddMainPlaceholderNamespace;
MString fPrefix;
MString fSuffix;
MString fSearch;
MString fReplace;
MString fMapFile;
//these two arrays should be in sync
MStringArray fCurrentNames;
MStringArray fNewNames;
MString replacedNameFromMapFileStrings(MString &current);
bool matchByName(); //do we match by name or not?
//we call this now to change the name of the incoming
//node based upon any search/replace or mapping parameters.
MString replacedName(MString &name);