MCameraOverride Class Reference

#include <MViewport2Renderer.h>

Class Description

Camera override description.

Provides information for specifying a camera override for a render operation.

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Public Attributes

MDagPath mCameraPath
 Camera path override.
MDagPathArray mHiddenCameraList
 List of cameras that should not be made visible when rendering.
bool mUseHiddenCameraList
 Whether to use hidden camera list override.
bool mUseProjectionMatrix
 Whether to use the projection matrix override.
MMatrix mProjectionMatrix
 Camera projection matrix override.
bool mUseViewMatrix
 Whether to use the view matrix override.
MMatrix mViewMatrix
 Camera view matrix override.
bool mUseNearClippingPlane
 Whether to use the near clipping plane override.
double mNearClippingPlane
 Near clipping plane override.
bool mUseFarClippingPlane
 Whether to use the far clipping plane override.
double mFarClippingPlane
 Far clipping plane override.

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