MDepthNormalizationDescription Class Reference

#include <MTextureManager.h>

Class Description

Information required to perform normalization of values stored in the depth buffer of an MImage with respect to clipping plane range.

The near and far clip plane values should not be less than the minimum clip plane value for a Maya camera. Any values which do not pass this condition will be set to the camera minimum before any normalization is performed.

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Public Member Functions

 MDepthNormalizationDescription ()
 Create with some default values.

Public Attributes

float fNearClipDistance
 Near clip plane of a camera. More...
float fFarClipDistance
 Far clip plane of a camera.
float fDepthScale
 Scale to apply to depth values.
float fDepthBias
 Bias to apply to depth value.

Member Data Documentation

float fNearClipDistance

Near clip plane of a camera.

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