MTextureDescription Class Reference

#include <MTextureManager.h>

Class Description

Public Member Functions

void setToDefault2DTexture ()
 Utility to set texture description to describe a 0 size 2-dimensional texture.

Public Attributes

unsigned int fWidth
 Width in pixels.
unsigned int fHeight
 Height in pixels.
unsigned int fDepth
 Depth in pixels. More...
unsigned int fBytesPerRow
 Number of bytes in a row of pixels.
unsigned int fBytesPerSlice
 Number of bytes in a slice (if an array)
unsigned int fMipmaps
 Number of mipmap levels. More...
unsigned int fArraySlices
 Number of array slices. More...
MRasterFormat fFormat
 Pixel / raster format.
MTextureType fTextureType
 Type of texture.
MEnvironmentMapType fEnvMapType
 Type of environment mapping.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int fArraySlices

Number of array slices.

e.g. 6 would be required for a cube-map

+ Examples:

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