MPxMayaAsciiFilterOutput Class Reference

#include <MPxMayaAsciiFilter.h>

Class Description

Wrapper for a Maya Ascii file output stream.

MPxMayaAsciiFilterOutput is used in conjunction with MPxMayaAsciiFilter to allow output to the Maya ASCII file. Instances of this class may only be instantiated through the methods of MPxMayaAsciiFilter.

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Public Member Functions

MPxMayaAsciiFilterOutputoperator<< (const char *data)
 Output text to the Maya Ascii file output stream. More...

Member Function Documentation

MPxMayaAsciiFilterOutput & operator<< ( const char *  data)

Output text to the Maya Ascii file output stream.

[in]dataText to be written to the output stream.
A reference to this instance. This allows multiple '<<' operations to be chained together. E.g:
filterOutput << "setAttr " << attrName << " " << attrValue << ";";

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