adsk::Data::AccessorMaya::ExternalContent Namespace Reference

adsk::Data::AccessorMaya::ExternalContent Namespace Reference

Namespace description

Utility functions to read external content table from Maya files and interpret its content.

The external content table is the list of files used by a Maya file, and this information is located in a scene-level metadata associations (adsk::Data::Associations).

The underlying mechanism to read this information is adsk::Data::Accessor.

External content is located in a metadata stream in a file's scene-level Associations:

adsk::Data::Associations { adsk::Data::Channel { adsk::Data::Stream { Item[ 0 ] { Node: "The node name" Key: "Key for this item in the node (often attribute name)" Unresolved path: "Unresolved path for the content." Resolved path: "Content path as resolved on last save." Roles: [ "Image", "Background", ... ] } ... } } }

  • The Associations name in an Accessor is given by adsk::Data::AccesorMaya::getSceneAssociationsName.
  • The channel, stream and various member names are given by the matching functions in the ExternalContent namespace.
  • The node name is the dependency graph node to which the item applies.
  • The key is the name of the external content for the given node. It will often match a node's attribute name, but this is not mandatory.
  • The unresolved and resolved path members are two versions of the same path for the external content. The unresolved has no token substitution performed (may contain environment variables, be relative to the project root, etc.). The resolved path is how the path was resolved the last time the scene was saved.
  • The roles array is a list of roles that this specific external content item play in the node's context. These strings are loosely defined and can be used for filtering entries (e.g.: ignoring the files marked as "Icon" when sending the scene to a networked renderer).