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// license agreement provided at the time of installation or download,
// or which otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic
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// polyExporter.h
// *****************************************************************************
// CLASS: polyExporter
// *****************************************************************************
// CLASS DESCRIPTION (polyExporter)
// polyExporter is a class used for creating polygonal mesh exporter plugins.
// It is derived from the MPxFileTranslator class and thus implements the
// functions writer(), haveWriteMethod(), haveReadMethod(), and canBeOpened(),
// which are called by Maya when a scene export is executed. This class allows
// the choice of exporting all or only selected poly meshes in the scene.
// To use this class, derive a new class and begin by adding the following *.h
// files:
// #include <maya/MFnPlugin.h> - used for defining plugins
// #include <maya/MIOStream.h> - used for input/output operations
// #include <maya/MFStream.h> - used for file input/output operations
// The following functions must be implemented:
// creator() - required by Maya to allocate an instance of the derived class
// initializePlugin() - required to register the plugin with Maya
// uninitializePlugin() - required to unregister the plugin with Maya
// defaultExtension() - returns an the export file type extension
// createPolyWriter() - returns a new polyWriter which performs the exporting
// For examples, see the classes polyRawExporter and polyX3DExporter
// *****************************************************************************
#include <maya/MPxFileTranslator.h>
class polyWriter;
class MDagPath;
class MFnDagNode;
class polyExporter:public MPxFileTranslator {
virtual ~polyExporter();
virtual MStatus writer (const MFileObject& file,
const MString& optionsString,
virtual bool haveWriteMethod () const;
virtual bool haveReadMethod () const;
virtual bool canBeOpened () const;
virtual MString defaultExtension () const = 0;
virtual bool isVisible(MFnDagNode& fnDag, MStatus& status);
virtual MStatus exportAll(ostream& os);
virtual MStatus exportSelection(ostream& os);
virtual void writeHeader(ostream& os);
virtual void writeFooter(ostream& os);
virtual MStatus processPolyMesh(const MDagPath dagPath, ostream& os);
virtual polyWriter* createPolyWriter(const MDagPath dagPath, MStatus& status) = 0;
#endif /*__POLYEXPORTER_H*/