#ifndef _assemblyDefinitionFileCache_h_
#define _assemblyDefinitionFileCache_h_
#include <maya/MString.h>
#include <ciso646>
#if defined( _WIN32 ) || defined( _LIBCPP_VERSION )
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_map>
#define ADSTD std
#include <tr1/memory>
// Note:
// We found tr1::unordered_map::begin() is O(n) on Linux.
// The C++11 standard clearly states that begin() must be O(1)
// for all std containers This means that the platform
// implementation of tr1::unordered_map is not C++11 compliant yet.
// If meet performance issue with tr1::unordered_map, suggest to
// use boost library, which is cross-platform and boost::unordered_map
// is C++11 compliant.
#include <tr1/unordered_map>
#define ADSTD std::tr1
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <time.h> // For time_t.
* CLASS AssemblyDefinitionFileCache
// Cache the content of definition files.
// This is useful when several assemblyReference nodes are referring
// to the same assembly definition file. In turns out that the process
// of reading the definition file is costly (MEL interpretation
// overhead, Maya scene file common information, post scene read
// callbacks, etc.). By caching the content of the definition file, we
// can avoid paying that cost over and over again.
class AssemblyDefinitionFileCache
/*----- types -----*/
// Information used to determine if a file has changed since it
// was last read or accessed. We are currently using the
// combination of the file size and the last modification
// time. Alternatively, a cryptographic checksum (MD5, Murmur3,
// etc.) could also have been used.
class Timestamp
Timestamp(const MString& path);
MInt64 fFileSize; // File size.
time_t fMTime; // Last modification time.
friend inline bool operator==(const Timestamp& lhs,
const Timestamp& rhs);
/*----- types -----*/
// Information necessary to create a given representation.
class RepresentationCreationArgs
/*----- member functions -----*/
RepresentationCreationArgs(const MString& name,
const MString& type,
const MString& label,
const MString& data)
: fName(name), fType(type), fLabel(label), fData(data)
const MString& getName() const { return fName; }
const MString& getType() const { return fType; }
const MString& getLabel() const { return fLabel; }
const MString& getData() const { return fData; }
/*----- data members -----*/
MString fName;
MString fType;
MString fLabel;
MString fData;
typedef std::vector<RepresentationCreationArgs> RepCreationArgsList;
class Entry
/*----- member functions -----*/
const RepCreationArgsList& getRepCreationArgsList() const
{ return fRepCreationArgsList; }
friend class AssemblyDefinitionFileCache;
/*----- types -----*/
struct Deleter { void operator()(Entry* entry); };
/*----- member functions -----*/
// Note that it would have been nice to be able to use C++11
// move semantic to avoid copying the repCreationArgsList
// here.
Entry(const std::string& defnFile,
const Timestamp& timestamp,
const RepCreationArgsList& repCreationArgsList)
: fDefnFile( defnFile),
fTimestamp( timestamp),
fRepCreationArgsList( repCreationArgsList)
const Timestamp& getTimestamp() const
{ return fTimestamp; }
/*----- data members -----*/
std::string fDefnFile;
Timestamp fTimestamp;
RepCreationArgsList fRepCreationArgsList;
typedef ADSTD::shared_ptr<Entry> EntryPtr;
/*----- static member functions -----*/
static AssemblyDefinitionFileCache& getInstance();
/*----- member functions -----*/
// Look-up the cache for an entry matching the corresponding
// definition file. Returns a null pointer if no matching entries
// are found.
EntryPtr get(const MString& defnFile);
// Insert a new entry into the cache. The entry is for the given
// definition file containing the given list of
// representations. Returns pointer to the newly created
// entry. The caller is responsible for first calling get() to
// ensure that no matching entry exists for the given definition
// file before attempting to insert the entry into the cache.
EntryPtr insert(const MString& defnFile,
const RepCreationArgsList& repCreationArgsList);
/*----- types -----*/
typedef ADSTD::unordered_map<std::string, ADSTD::weak_ptr<Entry> > Entries;
/*----- data members -----*/
Entries fEntries;
// Copyright 2013 Autodesk, Inc.
// All rights reserved.
// Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk license
// agreement provided at the time of installation or download, or which
// otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic or hard copy
// form.