Accessor::StructureNameLessThan Struct Reference

Accessor::StructureNameLessThan Struct Reference

#include <adskDataAccessor.h>

Class Description

Functor for Structure ordering in a std::set.

This functor compares Structures to keep them ordered by name in a std::set.

Public Member Functions

bool operator() (const Structure *lhs, const Structure *rhs) const
 Comparison operator. More...

Member Function Documentation

bool operator() ( const Structure lhs,
const Structure rhs 
) const

Comparison operator.

The comparison does not support null structure pointers so clients must ensure no null structures get added to the set.

[in]lhsLeft-hand side operand of the a<b comparison.
[in]rhsRight-hand side operand of the a<b comparison.
std::invalid_argumentThrown if a null structure is passed to the comparator.

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