What's New in API in Maya 2017 Update 2



If a plug-in light uses the Light classification, and the plug-in light has an Exposure attribute, this attribute is now respected. The Exposure attribute has been added to all light types in the apiDirectionalLightShape devkit example for demonstration.

You can now use the /drawdb/light/image classification to register a plug-in node so that it behaves like an internal IBL (image) light. A application is the aiSkyDomeLight. See Image based lighting.

After registering with this classification, you can then control these lighting attributes: color, envRotationY, sampling, intensity, and exposure.

The Color attribute is mandatory and must be defined; otherwise, your node will appear black.

As an example, the apiDirectionalLightShape plug-in in the devkit now includes an apiImageLightShape image light.


Added the MShaderInstance::writeEffectSourceToFile() method for debugging custom shader fragment development. Use this method to write the final effect source to a file so you can perform validation on custom shader fragments on all device APIs. To validate your shader plug-in, you can bind a temporary draw context with a shader instance generated from the effect source file.

Compiler requirements for the Mac OS X environment

To compile plug-ins and standalone applications on Mac OS X, you must now have the following installed: Mavericks 10.9.5, Xcode 6.1.1 with SDK 10.9, clang with libc++. For more information see Mac OS X environment.

Plug-in example updates

Maya Developer Kit

The Developer Kit is available online at Autodesk Exchange at https://apps.exchange.autodesk.com/MAYA/en/Home/Index.