What's New in API in Maya 2017 Update 3



  • Added enumerators to the MLightParameterInformation class to support light information export for point lights and point light shadows. The updates include:
    • Added the kDepthRange enumerator to the StockParameterSemantic enum members.

      kDepthRange is used for point light shadows to indicate the far and near clipping depth of a point light camera. See the viewRenderOverridePointLightShadow.cpp plug-in.

    • Added the kTextureCube enumerator to the parameterType enum members.

    The dx11Shader, glslShader, and viewRenderOverridePointLightShadows devkit example plug-ins have been updated to include these enumerators.

  • Added the k3dPointLightShadowerShader enumerator to the MStockShader enum members to get a stock shader instance which can be used when rendering point light shadow maps. Use the following methods:

    MShaderInstance* MShaderManager::getStockShader( MStockShader name, MShaderInstance::DrawCallback preCb, MShaderInstance::DrawCallback postCb)const;

    The hwPhongShader devkit example plug-in has been updated to support this enumerator.



MFnMesh enhancements:

MItMeshPolygon enhancements: