Use MPxLocatorNode legacy fixed draw code and selection in Viewport 2.0

It is possible to reuse Viewport 1 rendering and picking when using the Viewport 2.0 renderer for plug-in locators. However, this should only be considered a temporary solution to allow for an incremental migration to Viewport 2.0. The final aim should be to re-implement rendering using a geometry or subscene override for proper integration.


To reuse the VP1 drawing code implementation when using the Viewport 2.0 renderer, set the environment variable MAYA_ENABLE_VP2_PLUGIN_LOCATOR_LEGACY_DRAW to any value.

To re-enable the VP1 draw code for selection, set the environment variable MAYA_VP2_USE_VP1_SELECTION to any value. If this environment variable is not set, then the selection picking is only performed on the locator's bounding box center.

Requirements and limitations