CHPROP (Command)

Changes the properties of an object.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select objects

Specifies which objects to modify.

If you select several objects with different values for the property you want to change, varies is displayed as the current value.


Changes the color of the selected objects.

For example, to change a color to red, enter red or 1. If you enter bylayer, the object assumes the color of the layer on which it is located. If you enter byblock, the object inherits the color of the block of which it is a component.

True Color

Specifies a true color to be used for the selected object.

Color Book

Specifies a color from a loaded color book to be used for the selected object.


Changes the layer of the selected objects.


Changes the linetype of the selected objects.

If the new linetype is not loaded, the program tries to load it from the standard linetype library file, acad.linfor AutoCAD, or acadlt.lin for AutoCAD LT. If this procedure fails, use LINETYPE to load the linetype.


Changes the linetype scale factor of the selected objects.


Changes the lineweight of the selected objects. Lineweight values are predefined values. If you enter a value that is not a predefined value, the closest predefined lineweight is assigned to the selected objects.


Changes the Z-direction thickness of 2D objects.

Changing the thickness of a 3D polyline, dimension, or layout viewport object has no effect.


Changes the transparency level of selected objects.

Set the transparency to ByLayer or ByBlock, or enter a value from 0 to 90.


Changes the material of the selected objects if a material is attached.


Changes the annotative property of the selected objects.


(Available only if you use named plot styles)

Changes the properties of named plot styles.