PNG Image Options Dialog Box

Provides options for saving a rendering to a PNG image file.

Several options are available for creating monochrome, grayscale, and color images in the PNG file format.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.



Creates a 2-bit black and white image.

8 Bits (256 Grayscale)

Creates an 8-bit grayscale image using 256 shades of gray.

8 Bits (256 Colors)

Renders a smaller, 8-bit color image from a palette of 256 colors.

16 Bits (65,536 Grayscale)

Creates a grayscale 16-bit image that uses 65,536 shades of gray.

24 Bits (16.7 Million Colors)

Creates a larger, true color (24-bit) file.

32 Bits (24 Bits + Alpha)

Creates a 24 bit color image that includes an 8 bit alpha channel. Alpha is a type of data, found in 32-bit image files, that assigns transparency to the pixels in the image.


Provides faster display in Web browsers.

Dots Per Inch

Sets the dots per inch (dpi) for the saved image. This setting does not change the resolution of the final image, but can affect the way it prints in documents.