Allows users to create and edit user-defined DGN mapping setups.

The DGN Mapping Setups dialog box is displayed. It can also be accessed from the Import DGN Settings and Export DGN Settings dialog boxes.

The import/export process translates basic DGN/DWG data into the corresponding DWG/DGN data. The Standard (default) mapping translation is used to map DGN levels, line styles, lineweights, and colors to equivalent DWG layers, linetypes, lineweights, and colors.

The DGNMAPPING command allows you to create, modify, rename, or delete mapping translations based on your company’s CAD standards such as:

Therefore, you can streamline the import/export process while minimizing the need for more extensive editing.

The list of translation mapping setups is sorted by mapping type, based on where it was accessed from. The Standard mapping setup is always on the top of the list. This mapping setup is the default translation based on the file being imported or exported. It is not editable.