REDIRMODE (Express Tool)

Sets options for the REDIR Express Tool by specifying which object types are included.

The REDIR command redefines hard-coded paths in xrefs, images, shapes, styles, and Rtext. Use REDIRMODE and -REDIRMODE to specify the object types to be included when you use REDIR. If you specify more than one object type, separate the types with a comma. You do not need to type complete words; for example, x,s,r is a valid entry. To specify all types, enter an asterisk (*).

Dialog Box Options

Find and replace ... in Specifies which object types the REDIR command should act on. You must select at least one option.
OK Saves the selected settings for the REDIR command to use.


Set REDIRMODE so that the REDIR acts only on xrefs and styles:

Current REDIRMODE: Styles,Xrefs,Images,Rtext
Replace directories in Xrefs,Styles,Images,Rtext. <current>: xref,sty
Current REDIRMODE: Styles,Xrefs