CONVERT (Command)

Converts legacy polylines and hatches for use with later product releases.

Hatches created in earlier product releases are not updated automatically when a drawing opened in AutoCAD Release 14 or AutoCAD LT 97 or later. Information about the rotation of a hatch pattern may not be updated properly if you have changed the UCS since creating the hatch. When updating hatches with CONVERT, it is recommended that you use the Select option so that you can check your results.

In most cases, you do not need to update polylines with CONVERT. By default, the PLINETYPE system variable specifies that polylines are updated automatically when you open an older drawing. Polylines may be created in the old format by third-party applications, and they may be contained in an older drawing that was inserted as a block and then exploded.

Note: Polylines containing curve-fit or splined segments always retain the old format, as do polylines that store extended object data on their vertices. Editing commands make no distinction between the two formats.

The following prompts are displayed.

Type of objects to convert
Specifies what type of legacy objects to convert:
  • Hatch
  • Polyline
  • All