About Printing 3D Models

You can send 3D models to a local 3D printer or other printing service providers.

Autodesk Print Studio

With 3DPRINT, you can send your 3D models to Print Studio for editing and printing. Print Studio provides you the tools needed to prepare your models for specific printers and materials. For 64-bit systems, you can download Print Studio from within the command or go to the Autodesk Spark website. For more information, see the Print Studio Help.

3D Printing Service Providers

Autodesk has partnered with several 3D printing service providers to output physical models from 3D models.

When you use the 3DPRINTSERVICE, you specify 3D data from a DWG file that is then translated to a faceted mesh representation consisting of triangles. This representation is saved as a binary STL file that can used by a 3D printing service provider to create a physical model.

How to Create and Obtain Physical Models

The following diagram illustrates, from beginning to end, the basic steps of creating and obtaining a physical model:
Prepare your 3D model To ensure successful printing of your 3D model, you may need to make some adjustments to your drawing.
Select the 3D solids you want to print You must select the 3D solids you want to print.

Only the 3D solids you select are printed, even if there are others in your drawing.

Save your drawing as an STL file You must save your drawing as an STL file.

3D printing service providers require that your drawing be saved in this format.

After you do this, no other dialog boxes display as part of the 3D printing process.

Select a service provider You must select a 3D printing service provider. When making your decision carefully consider cost, materials, and minimum requirements.

For a list of Autodesk-approved 3D printing service providers, see the Autodesk 3D Printing website.

Send the STL file to your service provider After you select a 3D printing service provider, follow the directions on their website to obtain your model.