Field Dialog Box

Inserts a multiline text field that can be updated automatically as the field value changes.

The options available change based on the selected field category and field name.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Field Category

Sets the types of fields to be listed under Field Names (for example, Date & Time, Document, and Objects).

Field Names

Lists the fields that are available in a category. Select a field name to display the options available for that field.

Field Value

Displays the current value of the field, or displays an empty string (----) if the field value is invalid.

The label for this item changes with the field name. For example, when Filename is selected in the Field Names list, the label is Filename and the value is the name of the current drawing file. The label is Property for object fields. Exception: when a date field is selected, the selected date format is displayed; for example, M/d/yyyy.

Format List

Lists options for display of the value of the field. For example, date fields can display the name of the day or not, and text strings can be uppercase, lowercase, first capital, or title case. The value displayed in the Fields dialog box reflects the format that you select.

Field Expression

Displays the expression that underlies the field. The field expression cannot be edited, but you can learn how fields are constructed by reading this area.

Options for Sheet Set and Sheet View Fields

Sheet Set

Specifies the name of the sheet set.

Sheet Navigation Tree

Displays a tree view of sheets or sheet views from the Sheet Set Manager, from which you can select an item for the field.


Displays the properties available as fields for the item selected in the tree.

Associate Hyperlink

Adds a hyperlink to the field when it is created. You can use Ctrl + click to jump to the sheet or view. This option is not available for the ViewportScale field.

Note: If you recreate the field, because the sheet is already in a sheet set, you should use a sheet set property field, not a placeholder field.

Sheet set fields (fields that were selected from the sheet set category) behave differently than other types of fields. By default, other types of fields update automatically when you save the drawing or when you use REGEN. In contrast, sheet set fields store the last values that were used, and they display these stored values if the information referenced by the sheet set field is not accessible. To update the value in a sheet set field, use UPDATEFIELD command.

Note: If the information referenced by sheet set field is not accessible, the value for the field will be displayed as “####.”

Options for BlockPlaceholder Fields

BlockPlaceholder fields are only available for insertion in the Attribute Definition dialog box when the Block Editor is open.

Block Name

Displays the name of the current block definition.

Temporary Value

Displays the value for the placeholder field in the selected format.

Block Reference Properties

Displays a list of block reference properties for the current block definition.

Options for SheetSetPlaceholder Fields

Placeholder Type

Displays a list of available placeholder fields.

Temporary Value

Displays the value for the placeholder field in the selected format.

For example, with SheetSet Placeholder selected in the Field Names list, SheetTitle selected in the Placeholder Type list, and Uppercase selected in the Format list, Temporary Value displays SHEETTITLE. When the drawing is placed in a sheet set, this field displays the title of the sheet.

Options for Fields in the Objects Field Category

Named Object Type/Object Type

When NamedObject is selected in Field Names, lists the types of named objects in the drawing. When Object is selected, displays the type of object selected. Use the Select Object button to temporarily close the dialog box and select an object in the drawing.


When NamedObject is selected in Field Names, lists the names of all the objects in the drawing of the selected type. When Object is selected in Field Names, lists the properties of the selected object that are available as fields. When a block with attributes is selected, the attribute names are displayed in the list of properties.

Display Value for Block Reference

Specifies that the object property fields in a block reference evaluate the properties of nested objects relative to the block reference's size and orientation within the drawing, not within the block definition.


When Formula is selected in Field Names, provides a place for creating a formula to insert in text or in a table cell.


When Formula is selected in Field Names, closes the Field dialog box temporarily while you specify table cells. The result is appended to the formula.


When Formula is selected in Field Names, closes the Field dialog box temporarily while you specify a table cell. The cell address is appended to the formula.


Specifies precision for fields based on the selected format. Select Current Precision to use the current setting of the LUPREC system variable.

Additional Format

Displays the Additional Format dialog box.


Updates the value in Preview when you have manually changed the text in Formula.