About Grips on Dynamic Blocks

Custom grips can be used to manipulate the geometry of a dynamic block reference.

When you add a parameter to a dynamic block definition, custom grips associated with key points of the parameter are automatically added to the block.

You can specify the number of grips on all parameters except the alignment parameter, which always displays one grip. When you select a parameter in the Block Editor, the Number of Grips property on the Properties palette allows you to select the number of grips you want to display. Parameters that are not associated with an action do not display grips.

Even if you specify that a parameter has 0 grips, you can still edit the dynamic block reference in the Properties palette if the block is defined to accept this input.

If a dynamic block definition contains visibility states or a lookup table, you can define the block so that only the lookup grip is displayed. Clicking this grip on the block reference displays a drop-down list. When you select an item from the list, the display of the block reference may change.

Grips are automatically added at key points on the parameter. You can reposition a grip anywhere in the block space relative to its associated key point on the parameter. When you reposition a grip, it is still tied to the key point with which it is associated. Key points that are not associated with an action do not display grips.

The type of parameter you add to the dynamic block definition determines the type of grips that are added to the block.

Specify Tooltips on Grips

All dynamic block parameters except basepoint and alignment has one or more description fields.




Position description


Distance description


Distance description, angle description


Horizontal distance description, vertical distance description


Angle description


Flip description


Visibility description


Lookup description


Set to “Aligns block to object”


No special tooltip is required

Specify Insertion Cycling for Grips in Dynamic Blocks

Grips in dynamic blocks have a property called Cycling that allows you to set a grip as a potential insertion point for the block. When you insert the dynamic block reference in a drawing, you can tap the Ctrl key to cycle through the available grips to specify which grip will be used as the insertion point.