Opens an editing environment so you can constrain section lines or detail boundaries to drawing view geometry.

Note: This command is available only on 64-bit systems.

If infer constraints are turned on (CONSTRAINTINFER=1) at the time you create section views or detail views, the system infers constraints automatically. When view updates take place, the constraints ensure that the section lines and detail boundaries retain their positions in relation to the features they highlight. In some cases, you may require constraints that are more complex than the inferred constraints. Use this command to handle such cases.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select a section or detail symbol
Specifies a section line or detail boundary to constrain.

Selecting a section line or detail boundary brings up Parametric tab on the ribbon. You can add geometrical and dimensional constraints to the section line or detail boundary. This helps in constraining the section line and detail boundary to behave in a predictable manner when the drawing view changes.

You can add additional geometry, if required, to constrain the symbol. This geometry is considered construction geometry for that symbol and is visible only while editing that symbol. This geometry is not visible when you exit the sketch mode or when you edit another symbol.