About Digital Signatures For Drawings

A digital signature is a block of encrypted information added to certain files to identify the originator and indicate whether a file has been altered since the digital signature was applied.

Drawing files with digital signatures provide the following benefits:

To attach a digital signature to a file, you must either have a digital certificate issued by a certificate authority, or you can create a self-signed certificate using one of several utilities.

You can examine a file's digital signature. This is important when you are working on collaborative projects, or if you receive an executable file. For drawing files, an icon is displayed on the status bar if a drawing file is digitally signed.

When you click the icon, you can verify information such as the validity of the signature, the name of the individual or organization that signed the file, and so on.

Supported Data File Types

You can attach a digital signature to the following file types with the DIGITALSIGN command:

Invalid Digital Signatures

A digital signature will become invalid for the following reasons:

Note: Renaming a file does not invalidate its digital signature.

Reapply a Digital Signature to a Drawing

In some cases, you might need to make changes to a drawing file and then reapply your digital signature. In those cases, use WBLOCK, specifying the entire drawing, and save it to a different file name for the sake of version control. Then apply your digital signature.