About Model Space Viewports

In model space, you can split the drawing area into one or more rectangular areas called model space viewports.

Viewports are areas that display different views of your model. In large or complex drawings, displaying different views reduces the time needed to zoom or pan in a single view. Errors that you might miss in one view might be visible in another.

Below are several examples of model space viewport configurations. You can save and restore viewport configurations by name with the VPORTS command.

When you display multiple viewports, the one that is highlighted with a blue rectangle is called the current viewport.

Note: Model space viewports should not be confused with layout viewports, which are available only on layout tabs and are used to arrange views of your drawing on a sheet.

Modify Model Space Viewports

You can modify the size, shape, and number of model space viewports in a viewport configuration:

After you create a new viewport, you might want to maximize and center the view by double-clicking the mouse wheel to perform a zoom extents.