About Conferring with Clients and Colleagues Online

You can convey, edit, and manage AutoCAD views and drawings online through Autodesk A360 from any computer with a web browser and internet access.

Depending on your circumstances and the how restrictive you want to keep your design data, there are two features that you can choose to employ:

Use the Autodesk A360 Viewer

The Share Design Views feature provides a fast method of conveying only the views of a DWG file without releasing the DWG file itself.

When you use the Share Design View feature, the saved version of your current drawing is uploaded to an anonymous, temporary location in Autodesk A360. This location is accessible only through a link that you share.

Rescinding Design View Access

After you finish reviewing your design with a client or colleague, we recommend that you promptly rescind access to it by deleting the design from its anonymous A360 location. There are two primary reasons for this recommendation:

  • Revision control. You will want to make sure that a client or colleague won't inadvertently access an obsolete version of your design.
  • Design security. Because access to the views in your design is through a link that can be forwarded or posted, you will want to make sure that the link is accessible only for a limited amount of time. This reduces the possibility that access to your design can proliferate without your permission.
Important: From the A360 Viewer, you can rescind access to your shared design views at any time by deleting your uploaded design file from A360. However, you will have to save your email notification or bookmark the A360 link to it. Otherwise, the link will remain valid for 30 days.

If you're concerned that the recipient might forward the design view link, use Autodesk A360 online sharing instead, in which you control file access and permission levels.

Use AutoCAD® 360

Once you and your clients and colleagues open Autodesk A360 accounts, you can share drawings and other files online with them. With A360, access is controlled in two ways:

Depending on the permissions that you grant them, your clients and colleagues will be able to view, edit, or download a shared drawing with AutoCAD 360 without having to install any software. They can also download other shared files, such as PDF, ZIP, and raster images.

After sharing your online drawing, you can use AutoCAD 360 to collaborate with designated clients and colleagues in real time by inviting them to view and edit the drawing. With AutoCAD 360, multiple users can work on the same drawing file online. Any changes to your local AutoCAD drawings are synchronized with the online copies that you have stored in Autodesk A360.

For additional information and access to AutoCAD 360 tutorials, visit the Autodesk website.