WIPEOUT (Command)

Creates a wipeout object, and controls whether wipeout frames are displayed in the drawing.


Creates a polygonal area that masks underlying objects with the current background color. The wipeout area is bounded by a frame that you can turn on or off. You can also choose to display the frame on screen and have it hidden for plotting.

The following prompts are displayed.

First Point

Determines the polygonal boundary of the wipeout object from a series of points.


Determines whether the edges of all wipeout objects are displayed or hidden.

Available Frames modes:
  • ON - frames are displayed and plotted
  • OFF - frames are not displayed or plotted
  • Display but not plot - frames are displayed but are not plotted

Determines the polygonal boundary of the wipeout objects from a selected polyline.

Erase Polyline

Enter y to erase the polyline that was used to create the wipeout object. Enter n to retain the polyline.