MSLIDE (Command)

Creates a slide file of the current model viewport or the current layout.

The Create Slide File dialog box (a standard file selection dialog box) is displayed. Enter a file name or select a slide (SLD) file from the list. A slide file is a raster image of a viewport.

In model space, MSLIDE makes a slide file of the current viewport only. In paper space, MSLIDE makes a slide file of the paper space display, including all viewports and their contents.

Off-screen portions of the drawing, or layers that are off or frozen, are not included in the slide.

Use the VSLIDE command to view slides, or the SLIDELIB utility to create a slide library.

When you view slides of shaded images in a larger window or at a higher resolution than was used for creating the slide, black lines may appear interspersed among the lines of the shaded image. To avoid this situation, use a full screen that is set at the highest resolution when creating slides.