TCOUNT (Express Tool)

Adds sequential numbering to text and mtext objects as a prefix, suffix, or replacement text.


Numbering is added to individual text objects and to each line of multiline (mtext) objects.

Command: TCOUNT

Select objects: Use an object selection method

Sort selection set by X, Y, or Select-order <current>: Enter an option or press Enter

X Determines numeric order by increasing x-coordinate values of the selected text.
Y Determines numeric order by decreasing the y-coordinate value of the selected text.
Select-order Determines numeric order according to the order in which the text was selected.

Enter count [Start, increment] <current>: Enter the starting number and increment, separated by a comma, or press Enter

Start Specifies the first number in the sequence.
Increment Specifies the difference between the numbers in the sequence.
Note: Negative increments (decrements) are supported. Precede decrements with a minus sign.

Placement of text- Overwrite/Prefix/Suffix/Find&replace../ <current>: Enter an option or press Enter

Overwrite Replaces selected text strings with numbers
Prefix Adds the number as a prefix to text
Suffix Adds the number as a suffix to text
Find&replace Replaces a user specified text string with a number


Starting number = 1, increment = 1 added as prefix:

Starting number = 20, increment = -10 added as suffix:

Starting number = 2, increment = 2, Overwrite: