DIMEDIT (Command)

Edits dimension text and extension lines.


Rotates, modifies, or restores dimension text. Changes the oblique angle of extension lines. The companion command that moves text and the dimension line is DIMTEDIT.

The following prompts are displayed.


Moves rotated dimension text back to its default position.

The selected dimension text is returned to its default position and rotation as specified in its dimension style.


Changes dimension text using the In-Place Text Editor.

The generated measurement is represented with angle brackets (< >). Use control codes and Unicode character strings to enter special characters or symbols. See Control Codes and Special Characters.

To edit or replace the generated measurement, delete the angle brackets, enter the new dimension text, and then choose OK. If alternate units are not turned on in the dimension style, you can display them by entering square brackets ([ ]).


Rotates dimension text. This option is similar to the Angle option of DIMTEDIT.

Entering 0 places the text in its default orientation, which is determined by the vertical and horizontal text settings on the Text tab of the New, Modify, and Override Dimension Style dialog boxes. See DIMSTYLE. The DIMTIH and DIMTOH system variables control this orientation.


The Oblique option is useful when extension lines conflict with other features of the drawing. The oblique angle is measured from the X axis of the UCS.