About Creating and Modifying Materials

A material is defined by a number of properties. The available properties depend on the selected material type.

You cannot modify the materials in the Autodesk materials library, but you can use them as a basis for new materials. The Materials Editor provides property settings such as glossiness, transparency, highlights, and texture. The available property settings change, depending on the type of material you are updating.

To edit the property settings of a material, double-click a material's swatch, or right-click a material's swatch and click Edit.

Update a Generic Material

Edit an existing material (provided in the Autodesk materials library), or start with a generic material. The changes you make are displayed in the material swatch preview. You can change the shape of the image that is displayed in the preview.

Default Generic material has the following properties.

Use Other Properties for Special Effects

The following properties can be used to create specific effects. Additional properties are available, depending on the type of material.