Attach External Reference Dialog Box

If you attach a drawing that contains an attached xref, the attached xref appears in the current drawing. You can select multiple DWG files to attach. Like blocks, attached xrefs can be nested. If another person is currently editing the xref, the attached drawing is based on the most recently saved version.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Identifies the DWG you have selected to attach.


Displays the Select Reference File dialog box (a standard file selection dialog box), in which you can select a new external reference for the current drawing.


Displays the DWG you have selected to attach.

Reference Type

Specifies whether the external reference is an attachment or an overlay. Unlike an xref that is an attachment, an overlay is ignored when the drawing to which it is attached is then attached as an xref to another drawing.

Locate using Geographic Data

Attaches drawings using geographic data as the reference.


Specify On-screen

Allows you to input at the Command prompt or the pointing device.


Sets the X scale factor.


Sets the Y scale factor.


Sets the Z scale factor.

Uniform Scale

Sets the Y and X scale factors as the same as Z.

Insertion Point

Specify On-Screen

Allows you to input at the Command prompt or the pointing device.


Sets the X coordinate value.


Sets the Y coordinate value.


Sets the Z coordinate value.

Path Type

Select the full (absolute) path, the relative path to the external reference file, or No Path, the name of the external reference (the file must be located in the same folder as the current drawing file).

The default path type is Relative path. Use REFPATHTYPE system variable to change the default path type.


Specify on-screen

If Specify On-Screen is selected, you may wait until you exit the dialog box to rotate the object with your pointing device or at the Command prompt.


If Specify On-Screen is cleared, enter the rotation angle value in the dialog box.

Block Unit

Displays information about the block units.

Block Name

Displays the name of the block associated with the selected external reference.


Displays the specified INSUNITS value for the inserted block.


Displays the unit scale factor, which is calculated based on the INSUNITS value of the block and the drawing units.

Show Details

Displays the external reference file paths.

Found In

Displays the path where the external reference file is located.

Saved Path

Displays the path that is saved with the drawing when the external reference is attached. The path is dependent upon the Path Type setting.