About the Start tab

The Start tab is displayed by default at startup, providing easy access to a variety of initial actions, including access to drawing template files, recently opened drawings and sheet sets, and online and learning options.

The Start tab contains the following pages:

Create Page

The following sections are displayed:

Get Started

Access common methods to start a file.

Start New Drawing

Creates a new drawing from the default drawing template file. You specify the default drawing template file from the Options dialog box, Files tab, Templates, Default Template File Name for QNEW setting.

When a default drawing template file is set to None or is not specified, the new drawing is based on the most recently used drawing template file.

Lists all the available drawing template files.
Open Files
The Select File dialog box is displayed.
Open a Sheet Set
The Open Sheet Set dialog box is displayed.
Get More Templates Online
Download additional drawing template files when available.
Explore Sample Drawings
Access the installed sample files.

Recent Documents

View the most recently used files. You can keep a file listed by clicking the push pin button. A pinned document is displayed at the top of the list until you turn off the push pin button. You can choose between image, image and text or text only as the display options.


Displays all notifications with regards to product updates, hardware acceleration, trial period, and about the offline help file information. A notification badge is displayed at the bottom of the page when there are two or more new notifications.


Sign in to A360 and access the online services.

Feedback: Access to the online form to provide feedback and any improvements you would like to see.

Learn Page

The Learn page provides access to learning resources such as videos, tips and other relevant online content or services if available. For every new content update, a notification badge is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Note: If no internet connection is available, the Learn page is not displayed.