3DEDITBAR (Command)

Reshapes splines and NURBS surfaces, including their tangency properties.


Several grips are available for moving a point and changing the magnitude and direction of tangents at specific points on splines, and in the U, V , and W directions on NURBS surfaces.

The 3D Edit Bar gizmo includes three grips:

The following prompts are displayed.

Select a NURBS Surface or Curve to Edit

Specifies the object to be modified. Valid objects include lines, arcs, circles, ellipses and elliptical arcs, polylines, helixes, splines, and NURBS surfaces. Objects other than surfaces can be converted to splines.

Select Point on Curve or Select Point on NURBS Surface

Specifies a base point on the selected curve or NURBS surface. Changes to the selected object are relative to this point.

Base Point

Specifies a new base point on the curve or NURBS surface.


Specifies a new base point by projecting the absolute coordinates entered onto the selected curve or surface, when possible.


Cancels the previous change without exiting the command.


Cancels the current operation and returns to the previous prompt, or it exits the command.