STLOUT (Command)

Stores 3D solids and watertight meshes in a format that can be used with stereolithography apparatus.

The Create STL File Dialog Box is displayed.

This command creates a file with the .stl file name extension. The STL file format is compatible with stereolithography apparatus (SLA). The solid data is transferred to the SLA as a faceted representation of the model. The facets consist of a set of triangles (with outward pointing normals) that approximate the faces of the model. From the faceted data, the SLA workstation produces a set of contours that defines a series of layers representing the part to be built.

The FACETRES system variable determines how the solid is triangulated. A higher value creates a finer mesh that more accurately represents the model. This also results in a much larger file.

The following prompts are displayed prior to opening the dialog box.

Select solids or watertight meshes
Specifies blocks or external references (xrefs) that contain solids or watertight meshes. Only solids and watertight meshes of the selected blocks of xrefs are included in the STL file. All other geometry is discarded.
Create a binary STL file?
  • Yes. Creates an STL file.
  • No. Creates an ASCII file.